An Ultrasound Scan in progress

Timaru Radiology provides a wide range of Ultrasound examinations including:

> Upper abdomen (liver/ gallbladder/ kidneys/ aorta/ pancreas)

> Female pelvis (gynaecological)

> Musculoskeletal (tendons/ bursae/ ligaments)

> Testes

> Thyroid

> Kidneys and bladder

> Ultrasound guided steroid injections (shoulders)

Ultrasound Scans

We operate on an appointment basis. To make an appointment call

(03) 688 3314. Allow 30-45 minutes for your appointment. Ultrasounds can be done privately or as an injury related (ACC) referrals. Charges and surcharges can be discussed upon booking.

Dr Boyd (Radiologist) performs the ultrasound examinations and also reports them.  The report will be sent to your referrer on the next business day.  Any urgent matters will be discussed with your referrer the day of your scan so that appropriate steps can be taken for further management.