Referring a patient to Timaru Radiology

Email a referral:

Fax a referral: (03) 688 5624

Our office staff will ring your patient to make a suitable appointment time.

We now have the referral form available in printable and downloadable PDF format for referrers to use below.

Viewing a patient's results

Images will be available on InteleViewer© which is accessible throughout New Zealand for your referrer to view. Reports are sent to your referrer the next business day. Any urgent results Dr Boyd will discuss with your referrer promptly. We are affiliated with Horizon Radiology, who assist us with reporting when Dr Boyd is not on site.

We have InteleConnect© for referrers to log in to and view patient's results below.

Information for Referrers //

To Schedule An Appointment

Call 688 3314​

Ultrasound Scans

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